How to Celebrate Birthdays at Disneyland

How to Celebrate Birthdays at The Disneyland Resort. #disneyland #celebrate #birthdays #california #disneycakes
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How to Celebrate Birthdays at Disneyland. Did you know that there are ways to do that? Whether you are traveling during someone’s birthday, or if you would just like to celebrate your birthday at the Disneyland Resort. Disney provides a few ways to make the occasion magical!

How to Celebrate Birthdays at Disneyland

Just visiting Disneyland can be a magical experience. Disney has so many different ways to enhance your Disneyland vacation. Today I would like to share some ways to celebrate birthdays at Disneyland to make the day even more magical.

How to Celebrate Birthdays at The Disneyland Resort. #disneyland #celebrate #birthdays #california #disneycakes

Birthday Button

First of all, once you enter one of the Disneyland Resort parks, head over to Guest Relations. Let them know that you are celebrating a birthday and ask for a complimentary birthday button. Then, for the rest of the day, you will get birthday wishes from other guests as well as Cast Members! Birthday buttons make a great souvenir, in addition to being a wonderful and fun way to celebrate birthdays at Disneyland.

Not to mention the fact that it is free!!!

How to Celebrate Birthdays at The Disneyland Resort. #disneyland #celebrate #birthdays #california #disneycakes
Guest Relations on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland.

Guest Relations locations

  • Guest Relations in Disneyland is in City Hall in Town Square. After you enter the gates at Disneyland, go through the tunnel on the left. City Hall will be on your left.
  • Guest Relations in California Adventure is in the Chamber of Commerce. Just after you enter the gates at California Adventure, go to the left side of the street. It is just past the gas station-looking building on the left.

Birthday Dining

Another way to celebrate birthdays at Disneyland is to reserve a Signature Dining experience. This can be done for restaurants inside of Disneyland, California Adventure, or at one of the Disneyland Resort hotels. Whether it is a character dining location or not, this is a great way to celebrate birthdays at Disneyland.

I say go with the character dining. Especially if you are celebrating a little one’s birthday. How much fun would it be to celebrate your birthday with Disney characters coming right up to your table?

How to Celebrate Birthdays at The Disneyland Resort. #disneyland #celebrate #birthdays #california #disneycakes
Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel.

Course, we are all kids at heart. Especially when you are in Disneyland! Therefore, no matter the age, go for it!

Celebration Cake

Next, order a celebration cake from Disney. I did not know this was an option to celebrate birthdays at Disneyland. However, since we are planning our next Disneyland vacation and the Cast Member asked if we were celebrating anything during our trip and told her my big ?-0 birthday… She asked if we were getting a cake.

I was like, that is an option???

Come to find out it is!

Disney has a selection of themes. Choose from Frozen, Cars, Star Wars, and much more. They also have a variety of flavors to choose from as well. Also, don’t forget to personalize your cake with your own message!

Cakes can be delivered at select table-service restaurants at the Disneyland Resort. They can also be delivered to your Disneyland Resort hotel room. However, be aware, there is a 19% service charge for cakes delivered via room service.


Keep in mind these are Disney specialty cakes.

  • 6-inch round cake – $60
  • 10-inch round cake  – $140
  • Half sheet cake – $300

Tax will be added to cakes at all table-service restaurants.

Tips: Likewise with dining reservations, celebration cakes can be ordered 60 days in advance. The latest you can order a celebration cake is 3 days prior. If you need special cake due to dietary needs, you have to order at least 7 days in advance for those.

Celebrations cakes are another great way to celebrate birthdays at Disneyland. If you would like to know more or if you are ready to order, call- (714) 781-DINE (3463).

Disney Store

Flowers, Gifts, and In-Room Celebrations

Another way to celebrate birthdays at Disneyland is to give gifts of flowers, Disney Park items, or In-Room Celebrations. Recently, I did a post on In-Room Celebrations and more.

A Disney Dream Maker can help you pick a decoration package to suit your needs, or pick a flower arrangement, or even help you build your own gift basket!

How to Celebrate Birthdays at The Disneyland Resort. #disneyland #celebrate #birthdays #california #disneycakes
A gift basket that was waiting for us!

This is another wonderful way to celebrate birthdays and more at the Disneyland Resort! As I mentioned in the post linked above, we were a recipient of a gift basket one trip during the holidays. It was a fun surprise that was waiting for us in the room. In addition to getting some cool souvenirs and snacks for our trip!

If you are interested in what is being offered right now for flowers, gift baskets, and In-Room Celebrations, you can find the website for it here.

Another way to celebrate birthdays for free

If these options above are too spendy for you, (I don’t blame you), here is a fun way to celebrate. Sometimes the musical entertainment around the resort will ask for requests. In fact, you could just ask them to sing Happy Birthday to you. It never hurts to ask. The worst is they say no. But if they can, this is a fun way to celebrate birthdays.

Tip: Check out the piano player on Main Street, U.S.A. at Refreshment Corner, or the New Orleans Jambalaya Jazz Band.

In Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed today’s post- How to Celebrate Birthdays at Disneyland. It was fun to find out ways to celebrate birthdays at Disneyland. Not only to share them with you, but also how to celebrate for myself and my family.

Thanks for stopping by Life in Mouse Years!

Your Thoughts?

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