Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years

Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years
Please Note: My posts may contain affiliate links. If you use the links, it won't cost you more, but I may receive a small commission to help keep the Disney love going! Life in Mouse Years is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Thank you for supporting Life in Mouse Years!

Welcome to Life in Mouse Years! I am glad that you are here. If you are wondering how to support us, or even if you haven’t, I thought that I would share the affiliate programs that we are a part of. All in one post. There are some well-known companies and some that are not as well known. I hope that you find one or more that you would be interested in shopping with. Thank you again!

Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years

Since I have been pretty MIA for a while… I thought that this would be a good way to get back into writing again and maybe help me to get inspired to write about Disney again. After the park being closed and everything that has transpired, losing friends and family, and going into a depression with mental and emotional exhaustion, it has been very difficult to feel inspired and to write happy thoughts. (I need some pixie dust!) However, I am going to try and do my best to start writing and sharing again. I have some ideas that I hope I can get pulled together. In the meantime, please check out some of these affiliate companies listed below. It won’t cost you anything extra, but I may receive a small commission on your order. Thank you again!

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First on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is ShopDisney. Of course, they are the first on the list. It is my favorite! Unfortunately, I don’t shop it as much as I would like to… But there are so many fun things to see and get on ShopDisney.

Check out Shop Disney now!




Second, on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is Amazon. Amazon is a great place to get Disney items or ANYTHING you may want or need! Anytime you see items I recommend on my site from Amazon, feel free to click them and order, just look or even click to get to Amazon and order ANYTHING! That is a great way to help support us and we appreciate every little bit! Check out Amazon below and get started on your shopping cart today!





Third, on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is UndercoverTourist. At UndercoverTourist, you can get discounted theme park tickets, hotels, and car rentals. Not just in California, but also in Florida. Some of the parks they offer are Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, Sea World, and more! Check out UndercoverTourist in the links above or below.

Discount Attraction Tickets


Another company on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is Snapfish. Besides photographing Disneyland, I’m also a landscape photographer. Therefore,  I still get old-fashioned prints. It may not still be the most popular way of getting your photos, but sometimes, It is just nice to have them. However, prints are not the only way to get your photos! Check out all the ways you can get your photos at Snapfish today. Some of the types of items you can get are photo mugs, photo puzzles, photo books, face masks, and more!

Gabriel & Co

Next on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is Gabriel & Co. If you are looking for rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc for a loved one, Mother, or friend, Gabriel & Co is a great place to look for one or more of these items. In addition to these items, Gabriel & Co also has birthstones. Check out Marches birthstone here.

Mother's Day Gifts Fine Jewelry Banner

Graphic Audio

Next on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is Graphic Audio. Do you love to listen to your books? Multi-tasking? Wanting to listen in the car? Check out Graphic Audio today and see what you can download or get on a cd today.


Another company on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is Rexing. This company has all kinds of electronics for your car, home, and outdoors. Including dash cams, trail cams, home security, projectors,  accessories, and more. Check out some of the sales below.

Support Pets

Is your pet an emotional support for you? Did you know that it is possible to get your pet ESA certified? Support Pets is an easy way to find out the details and get them approved as a support pet so that you are able to travel with them. It is calming and helps with anxiety to have a support pet. Check out the site today!

160x600 Don't Leave Them Behind!


Junk Food Clothing

Next on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is Junk Food Clothing. I recently discovered this company, however, they have been around for 22 years! Junk Food Clothing makes art clothing that is vintage-inspired and has signature designs. There are so many options on their website. Make sure to check them out! So many options, so little time!


Auto Europe Car Rentals

Another affiliate on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is Auto Europe Car Rentals. Don’t let the name fool you! They also rent cars in LA, San Francisco, and other countries as well.

Check out Auto Europe Car Rentals:

Auto Europe Car Rentals

Mobisystems Inc.

Finally on the list of Ways to Support Life in Mouse Years is Mobisystems Inc. Mobisystems Inc is a software company that was founded in 2001. They offer OfficeSuite (Documents, Sheets, Slides, Mail), PDF Extra, and Mobi Drive for Cloud storage. Check out Mobisystems Inc in any of the links above and below.


In Conclusion

I hope that this post helped you to find some goodies, some necessities, and a way to help support us to keep Life in Mouse Years going Thank you so much for reading and supporting us through any of these links!

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments on today’s post, please feel free to leave them in the comments sections below. I would love to help!

Thanks for stopping by Life in Mouse Years!







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