Peaceful Places at Disneyland

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Disneyland is a fun and magical place to visit. It is also extremely popular nowadays. With all the people and crowds that can be at the Disneyland Resort, sometimes it can be overwhelming. However, there are some areas at Disneyland that are not as crowded. Peaceful Places at Disneyland is possible!

Peaceful Places at Disneyland

I, myself, am not a fan of large crowds. I get anxious with large groups of people. While Disneyland is my absolute favorite place to visit, I go into a bout of anxiety when I get to the park. I battle the anxiety and it takes me days to semi calm down. However, if you are feeling anxiety or stress from the crowds. There are some peaceful places at Disneyland that you can go to that will help you to relax a bit. Therefore, take a break from people and refresh a bit to continue on with your magical day!

Peaceful Places at Disneyland #disneyland #peacefulplaces #quietdisneyland #familyvacation #california #disney #disneylandrailroad #pixiehollow #hungrybearrestaurant #tomsawyerisland

Next to Hungry Bear and Rivers of America

First on the list of peaceful places at Disneyland is the area next to Hungry Bear Restaurant and Rivers of America in Critter Country. There are trees around, benches to sit on, and very low traffic right now because the trail doesn’t go anywhere yet. However, once the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge land opens, it may be a little busier. But for now, you can sit in this quieter area of the park, see the Disneyland train come by, as well as the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Secret Trail in Critter Country

Next is the secret trail in Critter County. I love taking this trail! It goes along right next to Rivers of America. There are trees and bushes all around and in the middle of it, you can see the logs from Splash Mountain after the big drop. If you haven’t been on this trail, I highly recommend it. The easiest way to find this trail is to go to the Harbour Galley Restaurant right in front of you when you exit Haunted Mansion. Go to the right of the Restaurant. Stay next to the buildings and go past all of the tables. Follow the trail all the way to Splash Mountain.

Big Thunder Trail

Another low-traffic area on the list of peaceful places at Disneyland is the Big Thunder Trail. More specifically, the pathways that branch off of the Big Thunder Trail. Eventually, these two pathways that branch off will be entrances to the new Star Wars Galaxy Edge land. However, at the moment, they are very peaceful places at Disneyland. Disney has benches along these pathways, a stagecoach to look at, a prop from the movie Hot Lead and Cold Feet, and you can listen to all the birds in the area.

Platform Behind Matterhorn on the way to Small World

Next is the platform behind Matterhorn and on the way to It’s a Small World. This one is a little more difficult to find. However, once you find it, it really isn’t that difficult. Once you pass the Matterhorn on your way to It’s a Small World, go to the left of Edelweiss Snacks. There is a pathway area with little tables and chairs with water on each side of you. This area used to be the loading area for a ride called Motor Boat Cruise (1957-1993). Now, it is one of the peaceful places at Disneyland. Therefore, it is a great place to relax by looking at the water, plants, flowers, and ducks!

Tomorrowland Between Autopia and Star Wars Launch Bay

Another spot for peaceful places at Disneyland is between Autopia and Star War Launch Bay. While this area can have fewer people, you still have the sound of the Autopia vehicles. The Autopia cars have Honda gas-powered engines in them. However, even with the sound of all these engines, there are trees, bushes, and flowers along with seating that helps to make this a peaceful area. Basically, if you are trying to avoid people, this would be a good place to try.

Snow White’s Grotto

Snow White’s Grotto is a great spot to visit, both day and night for one of the most peaceful places at Disneyland. This area is on the right side of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. There is Snow White’s wishing well where you can drop a coin in and make a wish. You can hear Snow White sing I’m Wishing. In addition to seeing and hearing a beautiful waterfall with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Unfortunately, there are no benches or seating in this area. However, with the water cascading down and fewer people around, it is a wonderful spot to stay and relax for a while.

Peaceful Places at Disneyland #disneyland #peacefulplaces #quietdisneyland #familyvacation #california #disney #disneylandrailroad #pixiehollow #hungrybearrestaurant #tomsawyerisland
The wishing well and Snow White’s Grotto.

Princess Fantasy Faire (After it Closes)

Another area for peaceful places at Disneyland is Princess Fantasy Faire. After it is closed for the day with the princess meet and greets. Just to the left of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is a wonderfully themed area that is designed with a similar theme of Fantasyland. The Fantasy Faire Theatre has Theatrical shows during the day and then swing dancing on Saturday nights. However, on the other nights, it is one of the least crowded areas of the park. Same as the area where the princess meet and greet building is. Right in the center of the courtyard is Rupenzel Tower with Rapunzel looking out of the tower and her hair winding all around to the bottom. If you are here long enough, her hair will light up!






Tinker Bell Pixie Hollow at Night

While you can’t go into Tinker Bell’s meet and greet area at night, there is Pixie Hollow right in front of it. Between Main Street, U.S.A., and Pixie Hollow is a pond area with a water feature. At night, this area has a water and light show every 15 minutes. There is usually not a lot of people in this area. (Although, during the fireworks time, there may be more people “around” this area.) However, this is one of the peaceful places at Disneyland at night and one that shouldn’t be missed!

Peaceful Places at Disneyland #disneyland #peacefulplaces #quietdisneyland #familyvacation #california #disney #disneylandrailroad #pixiehollow #hungrybearrestaurant #tomsawyerisland
Pixie Hollow pond area at night.

Tom Sawyer’s Island

Tom Sawyers Island is one of my favorite peaceful places at Disneyland. During my last trip to the park, it was closed due to the Star Wars construction. As a result, I wasn’t able to visit this area to help with my anxiety and I missed it! Tom Sawyer’s Island is a great place to go to get away from the crowds. There are not as many people over on the island. At least it doesn’t feel like there is. With all the dirt paths, trees, bushes, caves waterfalls, and fun things to discover on the island, it can be a very peaceful experience.

Peaceful Places at Disneyland #disneyland #peacefulplaces #quietdisneyland #familyvacation #california #disney #disneylandrailroad #pixiehollow #hungrybearrestaurant #tomsawyerisland
The side of the ship on Castle Rock.

Don’t feel like exploring the island? Have a seat on one of the many benches that are all over the island. In fact, if you decide to stay awhile, there are even bathrooms on the island!

Disneyland Railroad

Finally on the list of peaceful places at Disneyland is The Disneyland Railroad. Day or night, this ride can be a nice escape from people for a while. If you just need some quiet time. While there are others on the train around you, there is just something about riding that train all the way around Disneyland that is just calming. This is one of my favorite places to go to calm my anxiety regarding crowds and people. Also, even if you have ridden around the entire park, you can still continue to ride it for as long as you like! Therefore, this means that you can keep going until you feel refreshed!

Peaceful Places at Disneyland #disneyland #peacefulplaces #quietdisneyland #familyvacation #california #disney #disneylandrailroad #pixiehollow #hungrybearrestaurant #tomsawyerisland
One of the trains for the Disneyland Railroad.

Updated 1-28-2019

Mark Twain Riverboat

After recently visiting Disneyland, I wanted to update and recommend the Mark Twain Riverboat. My family and I visited during the Holiday Season celebration at the beginning of December. For the first few days, the crowds were tolerable. However, once Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hit… It was definitely more crowded and we were trying to find some quieter spots at the park.

Therefore, Mark Twain Riverboat is definitely on my list for a peaceful place at Disneyland. The waiting area is pretty empty until the boat starts coming into the dock. Then the people start coming in. However, once you are on the Mark Twain Riverboat, everyone tends to spread out on the three decks. It is a great way to just relax, enjoy the views and take a few away from the crowds.

In Conclusion

Whether you have crowd anxiety or not, I hope that you will enjoy some of these peaceful places at Disneyland. Sometimes it is a good idea to take some time and just enjoy the atmosphere around you and not be rushing around with the masses.

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