Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations

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Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations is all the places at the Disneyland Resort that has photographers to take your photo. Not only in Disneyland but, also in California Adventure. As a result, this way you can have a souvenir photo of your entire group! Disney has photographers at the character dining locations as well! Today, I would like to help you out by sharing these places so you can plan out your photo spots.

Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations

For the last few trips my family and I have taken, we have utilized Disney’s PhotoPass. It is so much fun to have photos taken with a photographer at different places around the Disneyland Resort! Therefore, I hope that you will give it a try during your next trip. Consequently, it makes a great keepsake!

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What is Disney’s PhotoPass

Disney’s PhotoPass is a system at Disneyland where either a photographer or a ride photo can be linked to your park ticket. When you go to a Disney PhotoPass photographer, you have them scan your ticket, or your phone if you downloaded the Disneyland App, then the photos will be loaded to your account. Similarly, for ride photos, you just need the numbers that are on the photo you see on the screen at the exit of the ride and enter it into the Disneyland App to link it. For more on Disneyland’s PhotoPass Rides, you can find it here.  

Disney has different options to get the digital copies of these photos as well as prints. (Find more out about purchasing options here.

Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations

First for Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations, let’s start with the original park, Disneyland! There are ten locations inside of Disneyland that have a PhotoPass Photographer.

Main Street U.S.A.

The first area that you will come to as you enter the park is Main Street U.S.A. 


  • Disneyland Park Main Entrance- Technically this is not quite Main Street yet. However, just after you enter through the turnstiles of Disneyland, the first PhotoPass Photographers you will encounter are in front of the big floral Mickey.
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Disneyland entrance floral Mickey PhotoPass location. (Disneys PhotoPass phpto)
  • Town Square Character Experience- Next is in Town Square. When you enter through the tunnel on the right, keep going straight ahead towards the building. There is a character meet and greet that is usually Mickey or Minnie Mouse or both. Accordingly, this is where the next PhotoPass Photographer will be.
  • Partner’s Statue-Another place on Main Street for Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations is inside of the hub. (The center of the circle or cul-de-sac that is in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.) There is a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in the center of a flower bed. This is where the third location is. 
Partners statue Disneyland. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
The Walt and Mickey Statue in Disneyland.
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle- Finally on Main Street is right in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle! This is one of the most popular spots in the park for a photo. If you see a short line, that is the time to go in it! It is a great location to get a PhotoPass photo taken of your family. 
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The Sleeping Beauty Castle PhotoPass location. (Disneys PhotoPass phpto)



  • Mad Tea Party-Next on the list of Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations is inside of Fantasyland. Near the entrance to Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Party ride and the Alice in Wonderland attraction, is a giant teacup. Just like the one you spin for the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party ride. Disney’s PhotoPass photographer will take your photo with you inside of this prop. How fun is that!


Mickey’s Toontown

The next land for Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations is Mickey’s Toontown. Located in the back of the park, past It’s a Small World, is this zany cartoon land ran by toons!


  • Minnie’s House Character Experience- Minnie’s house is at the end of this land. Once you go under the railroad tunnel, go up and to the left. Minnie and Mickey’s house will be on the right, just before Gadget’s Go Coaster. Before you get to meet Minnie Mouse and get a photo taken, you get to go through and see Minnie’s house! Check out her oven in the kitchen. She is baking something tasty!
  • Mickey’s House Character Experience- Mickey’s house is the next spot on the list of Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations. Right next to Minnie’s house, in the same way as Minnie’s, you get to go through Mickey’s house before you enter his Movie Barn for a photo with Mickey Mouse.


Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

The Final land on the list of Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations is Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge! I have not had the opportunity to see this land in person, so I am not very familiar with the layout yet. I will try to explain these PhotoPass Locations the best I can from the map.


  • Millennium Falcon- There are three entrances to Star Wars Galaxy Edge. The Millennium Falcon is at the very back of this land. More towards the right side. If you enter through the Entrance that is in Frontierland, near the exit to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, it goes under the railroad trestle. Follow this path all the way to the back of the land and curve a little to the right. You can’t miss seeing the Falcon. 
  • A-Wing/X-Wing- Next, if you enter Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at the entrance that is near the back of Fantasyland, you enter through a long tunnel. After you walk through the building, this is where the PhotoPass photographer will be for this photo spot. 
  • Garrison- Finally for Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations in Disneyland is the Garrison. The easiest way to describe this spot is to go through Critter Country, go to the right of the Hungry Bear Restaurant. There is a pathway that takes you to this third entrance of Star Wars. You will want to stay to the right and you will run right into the photographer at Garrison. 

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If you would like to see a map of these locations, you can find it at Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations Map here. In addition to seeing the next set of locations for California Adventure as well. 

California Adventure PhotoPass Locations

Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations in California Adventure is next. There are ten locations in this park. 

Buena Vista Street

First is on Buena Vista Street.


  • Buena Vista Street Character Experience- This first PhotoPass location is on Buena Vista Street. After you enter California Adventure, head straight down the street. On the left, the last shop is Elias & Co. Right around there, outside, will be characters that you can meet and greet with. For Example, Mickey, Minnie, or Goofy. 


Hollywood Land


  • Hollywood Boulevard- This first location in Hollywood Land is at the very end of the street. After you get to the end of Buena Vista Street you take the street on the left and follow it all the way down.
  • Super Hero Character Experience- Next, the Super Hero location is near the previous location on Hollywood Boulevard. Once you get to the end of the street, take a left and it is a little way down on your left. This is the place to get photos with Spiderman and other Marvel characters.


Cars Land


  • Cars Land Entrance- On the right of the entrance to Cars Land is the first location for Disney’s PhotoPass. There is a giant sign that looks like a postcard that says Cars Land. Likewise, during the holiday season, there are decorations and a winter theme to the postcard with a snowman car out in front of it that you can get your photo taken with. 
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The Cars Land entrance location. (Disney PhotoPass Photo)
  • Cars Land Character Experience- Once you enter Cars Land, and start heading towards the stoplight, on the left is Cozy Cone Motel. At various times of the day, you can meet Lightning Mcqueen, Tow Mater, and more inside there with a photographer to take your photo. During our last trip, there was a photographer on the main street in front of the hotel that took our photos. Disney can change it up, just keep an eye out. 
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Our family photo in Cars Land during a rainy day. Disney PhotoPass Photo.
  • Route 66- Finally on the list of Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations for Cars Land is Route 66. This photographer is just before you get to the light. Right our front of Flo’s Cafe. This photographer will take your photo with the street and rock formations in the background. 

Pixar Pier


  • Pixar Pier Bridge- First, just as you go across the bridge to get to Pixar Pier, there is a photographer on the bridge to take your photo.
  • Incredibles Park Character Experiences- This location is near the exit of Incredibles and next to Jessie’s Critter Carousel. Incredibles Park makes an incredible spot (See what I did there? hehe) to get your photo taken. 
  • Toy Story Character Experiences- Next on the list of Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations is the Toy Story Character Experiences. Right outside of Toy Story Mania is the place to see Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, or more and get a fun family photo.
  • Pixar Pier Character Experiences- Finally is Pixar Pier Character Experiences. This location is just outside of the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind ride. If you continue through Pixar Pier and go past the huge Ferris wheel, the Inside Out attraction is on the left. 

Locations and information are subject to change at any time. In the same way with anything regarding Disneyland. Make sure to check the official website here for more information or the Disneyland App. 

Character Dining 

Disneyland’s PhotoPass Locations include some character dining locations around the Disneyland Resort. Goofy’s Kitchen* at The Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s PCH Grill at Paradise Pier Hotel, and the Plaza Inn for breakfast in Disneyland. However, you will need to have reservations to dine as to the popularity of these locations. If you would like to know more about Disneyland’s Character Dining, you can find it here. 

*Due to COVID 19 there may be restrictions on buffet-style restaurants for a while. Check Disneyland’s official website here for current information. 



Some of the rides at Disneyland take your picture while you are riding the attraction! Therefore, this can make a great keepsake from your trip. Here are the rides with photos:


  • Splash Mountain
  • Space Mountain

California Adventure

  • Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT!
  • Radiator Springs Racers
  • Incredicoaster

Final Note

I just want to mention again, that while the PhotoPass photographers take the photos for free, you will still need to purchase them. Disney offer’s a couple of options to do this. You can visit the photo store in Disneyland or California Adventure to purchase individual photos or a photo package. Or if you added Max Pass to your ticket then you will get the photos included with that.  

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In Conclusion

Disneyland’s PhotoPass locations are all over the Disneyland Resort. As a result, it gives you a lot of options for different scenery and different characters during your trip! Therefore, I hope this helps you out to plan your photo taking during your trip to the Disneyland Resort. 

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments on today’s post, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I would love to help!

Thanks for stopping by Life in Mouse Years!


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