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Disney Merchandise is everywhere! Not just in the Parks. While anytime is a good time to add to your Disney collections, today is even better! I have found some interesting and fun items on Amazon that you can purchase today for yourself or for someone else who loves Disney!

Best Disney Items to Purchase

I love going to Disneyland and I love adding to my Disney collections. However, through the years, my purchases have changed. I now try to purchase practical items that I can use on a daily bases instead of collectible items that collect dust and take up space. For example, I now get jackets, sweaters, shirts, or coffee mugs. 

Disney Parks Food Figurine Play Set

First on the list of Best Disney items to Purchase is a Disney Parks Food Figurine Play Set. This set is so cool! 

Not only can it be a playset, or a collectible set, it can also be used for cakes! If you have seen my cake posts on here, you know that I am a fan of these sets to add to the Disney cakes that I make. 

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I wish I had a cake planned so that I could get and use this set. Maybe I should get it for blogging purposes. 

Lego Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie

Next for the Best Disney Items to Purchase is Lego Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie. This item is a bit pricy. (Most of the Lego set are though.) However, this Lego set looks awesome!! Based on the 1928 Cartoon Steamboat Willie where Mickey Mouse got his acting debut.

Lego Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie comes with a black and white Mickey Mouse and Minne Mouse figure, a parrot figure and 751 pieces to make a 5”x5”x10” steamboat. It is recommended for ages 12+. Check it out in the link below. 

It would make a nice gift for a friend or get one for yourself!

Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade Studios Disney Princess Coloring Poster Book

Third on the list of Best Disney Items to Purchase is Disney Dreams Collections, Thomas Kinkade Disney Princess Coloring Poster Book. This book has multiple images that you can color. These photos are ones that Thomas Kinkade had painted for Disney, and now you can color these images for yourself! #lifeinmouseyears #disney #musthaveitems #disneymerch #coloring #disneycolorings

Thomas Kinkade Disney Princess Coloring #lifeinmouseyears #disney #musthaveitems #disneymerch #coloring #disneycolorings

A page to color in the Disney Thomas Kinkade Princess coloring #lifeinmouseyears #disney #musthaveitems #disneymerch #coloring #disneycolorings

Examples in the Disney Thomas Kinkade Princess Coloring Book.

I came across this coloring book while vacationing in SunRiver Oregon. I HAD to pick it up! As a result of the book store only having one copy, my Mom ordered hers on Amazon. I enjoy coloring. Always have. It is a relaxing thing for me to do. If you enjoy coloring, or if you know someone else who does, click the link below to find out more and order yours today!



Disney Coffee Mugs

Next for Best Disney Items to Purchase is coffee mugs. Because there are so many different Disney coffee mugs out there, I am going to share a few different ones that I like. However, there are many more choices on Amazon for you to check out. 

Winnie the Pooh Coffee Mug

First is a Winnie the Pooh coffee mug. This Disney coffee mug is 23 ounces of cuteness! The coffee mug is a honey pot with honey overflowing. One side has a 3 dimensional Winnie the Pooh with a honey bee on his nose. The other side of the mug has a sign that says “hunny”. 

Do you know any Winnie the Pooh fans? Check out the link below for this mug. 


Mickey Mouse Mug

The next coffee mug that is on the list of Best Disney Items to Purchase, is a Mickey Mouse mug with a warmer. This 10-ounce mug comes with a plugin warmer to keep your coffee or even soup warm! How great is that? It can be used at home or in the office. Because of the warmer, this makes a great, practical gift. I love mine! It truly does keep the coffee warm.


So, I noticed that all of a sudden, this Disney Mickey Mouse Mug and Warmer is not readily available. I don’t know if it will be coming back or not. I hope that it does because it is awesome! However, at the time of this update, there is one available for $44.99. While this product is great, it is NOT worth that price! I just want to be honest and let you know that it wasn’t that price when I first recommended it and I wouldn’t pay that high price either.


Princess Mug

Another fun Disney coffee mug is a “Starbucks” style princess mug. The image on the mug is similar to a certain name brand company logo. Only it has Ariel in the center of the circle. This princess coffee mug holds 11 ounces of liquid and the image is printed on both sides of the mug. Check out the link below!


Disney Mickey Mouse Travel Tumbler

Finally on the list of coffee mugs is a Disney Mickey Mouse travel tumbler. The tumbler is made by Zak Designs. It is a 28 ounce, stainless steel tumbler that has a sliding lid to make it splash-proof.  As a result of it being vacuum insulated, it helps to keep your drink warm. The lid is plastic, however, it is BPA free! The cup is black with a silver Mickey Mouse on the side. 





Minnie Mouse Makeup Travel Bag

Next on the list of Best Disney Items to Purchase is a Minnie Mouse makeup travel bag. This travel bag is red and white polka dots with black on the top half. There are Minne Mouse ears and her signature red and white polka dot bow on the front. The bag is made from soft leather. As a result of this being a cosmetic/toiletry bag, it makes a great item to get before you travel anywhere. Especially Disneyland or Disney World! 



Classic Disney Mickey Mouse Cheese Board and Tools

Are you into cheeses or a charcuterie board? This item would make a great purchase! The Classic Disney Mickey Mouse cheese board has a pull-out drawer that houses the three cheese tools. Therefore, getting your “cheese on” is right within reach of your fingertips! 

Made from a durable rubberwood construction, the board is in a Mickey shape with a carved moat to prevent anything spilling over the edge. The tools all have wood handles. The three tools are a hard cheese knife, cheese fork, and a chisel knife. Along the side of the cheese board is the name  “Mickey Mouse” lasered on one side. Click the link to see for yourself how this item makes it on the list for Best Disney Items to Purchase.



Deliciously Disney Copycat Recipes Cookbook

Another item on the list of Best Disney Items to Purchase is a cookbook called Deliciously Disney Copycat Recipes Cookbook. 

Do you or someone you know like to cook? Like Disney foods? Here is your chance to get lots of copycat recipes in one place. As a result, you can create a Disney themed spread to bring back memories of your Disney trip or to help curb those Disney cravings. These recipes are from multiple parks at Disney World in Florida. Including Animal Kingdom and EPCOT!


Eat Like Walt: The Wonderful World of Disney Food

Finally on this list of Best Disney Items to Buy is a book called Eat Like Walt: The Wonderful World of Disney Food. This book talks about the food that Walt Disney had at his studio, the park and at his home. It even includes actual recipes. It is a great book that has lots of neat photos. If you or someone you know enjoys reading about Walt Disney and Disneyland, then check out this book!



In Conclusion

There are so many Disney-themed items out there to purchase. I hope that this list helps you out in finding some fun and interesting items to get for yourself or someone else.

If you would like to search for other Disney items then what is on this list, check out the Amazon link below and start your own, addicting search.


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