Discovering Statues Around Disneyland

Partners statue Disneyland. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
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Disneyland has so many fun things to discover all over the park and the resort. Today  I would like to focus on the statues that are all over Disneyland of different Disney characters. It is fun to explore the park and find these gems along the way.

Discover Statues Around Disneyland




“Partners” Statue

The “Partners” statue is in the center of the hub in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse are holding hands and looking down Main Street, USA. The flowers around this statue change according to the season or holiday. The poinsettias in November and December creates a nice photo spot. Springtime is a great time of year for this area as well. This is because the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom.  It is beautiful when this happens!

Partners statue. Walt and Mickey Mouse. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
“Partners” statue in Disneyland.

Disney Character Statues

As you walk around the “Partners” statue around the hub, there are pedestals with various Disney character statues on them. There are eight of them. Minnie Mouse, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Pluto, Goofy, White Rabbit, Chip and Dale, and Donald Duck.

Minnie Mouse statue in Disneyland. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
Minnie Mouse statue in Disneyland.
statue of Goofy. Disneyland. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
Goofy statue in Disneyland.

Aurora and Prince Phillip Statue (Sleeping Beauty)

Another statue in Disneyland is the one of Aurora and Prince Phillip from Disney’s 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty. As you walk over the drawbridge and go through the castle, take a left once you are on the backside of the castle. Here is where you will find this statue. Aurora and Prince Phillip are dancing. The statue also has the three fairies with them.

Statue Aurora Prince Phillip. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
Statue of Aurora and Prince Phillip in Disneyland.

Sleeping Beauty’s Animal Friends

In addition to Aurora and Prince Phillip, there are statues of her forest friends. At the front part of the castle to the left and around the right side as you walk the paths you can find these animal friends. The owl, squirrel, and rabbit. Also, the castle makes a nice backdrop for these furry creatures.

Owl statue. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
Owl statue around the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.
Rabbit statue. Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
The rabbit statue with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

Snow White’s Grotto

While you are walking along the path on the right side of the castle, you will come upon Snow White’s Grotto. This is a waterfall and pond area that has statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Every few minutes you can hear Snow White sing the Wishing song from the wishing well.

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Disneyland. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
Snow White’s Grotto in Disneyland.

Did you know? Did you know that the statue of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were a gift from someone from another country? This person made them for Walt Disney. However, the anonymous person made them all the same height by mistake. Therefore, to fix that, Walt Disney and the Imagineers set Snow White up at the top and positioned the Dwarfs lower to create the illusion that Snow White is taller. Just like she is in the movie.

Alice in Wonderland Statues

While you are exploring all around Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, check out the side of the castle by the Alice in Wonderland attraction. This is where you will find the White Rabbit (who’s late, for a very important date) and the Cheshire Cat (who is pointing out the way to go).

Cheshire Cat statue. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
Cheshire Cat statue in Disneyland.
The White Rabbit and his pocket watch in Disneyland. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
The White Rabbit in Disneyland.

Statue Water Fountains

Finally, on Discovering Statues around Disneyland, we will end with a couple of fountains that are in Mickey’s Toontown. The first fountain is in front of Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin. At the top of the fountain is a statue of Roger Rabbit. The second fountain is at the other end of Toontown in front of Mickey Mouse’s house. This fountain has a statue of Mickey Mouse at the top. These two fountains make a nice spot to sit for a bit and rest while listening to the water trickle down… But wait! Don’t fall asleep though! 😉

Mickey Mouse statue fountain. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
The Mickey Mouse fountain in Mickey’s Toontown.
Roger Rabbit fountain statue. Discovering statues around Disneyland.
The Roger Rabbit water fountain in Mickey’s Toontown.

In Conclusion

Of all the things that you can discover around the Disneyland Resort, the statues are one of my top things to look for. They are fun to find and to see all the detail that goes into these statues. Most of all, you can take some selfies with most of the statues or they make great props to pose with as well.

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