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The entrance to Enchanted Tiki Room.


This morning I woke up thinking about an attraction at Disneyland that I love! It is called Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. So, because it was so heavy on my mind, I thought that I would write about this attraction and share some secrets with you.

Secrets of Disneyland’s Tiki Room

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room is a Hawaiian themed music show that first opened June 23, 1963. It originally was 17 minutes long. The current show, however, is 12 and a half minutes long. But it is still wonderful!

A picture of the original entrance to the Tiki Room.
A picture of the original entrance to the Tiki Room.

The building that holds the Tiki Room show was the first building to be fully air-conditioned. Another first for Disneyland was using audio-animatronics in the show. They had never used audio-animatronics in an attraction until the Enchanted Tiki Room opened.








Outside of the Tiki Room

This attraction starts outdoors in the waiting area. There is a pre-show out there that involves various Polynesian gods that are all around the waiting area. They start talking about themselves and things happen during this time. So keep your eyes open.

Some of the Polynesian gods they feature here are Rongo the god of agriculture, Tangaroa the father of all gods and goddesses, and Hina Kuluua the goddess of rain.

Another part of the pre-show is the Dole Pineapple stand. They play a video that gives the history of pineapples. You can go up to the Dole snack bar and get snacks while you are waiting. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished your snack when it is time to go to the show. You are allowed to bring them inside the show. Just make sure to take your trash out with you when the show is over. They have cans right outside.

I recommend the Dole soft serve. It is so yummy! But the Dole whip is good too. Dole whip is fresh pineapple juice with the soft serve on top. Ok. This one requires a return trip!

Inside the Tiki Room

Once you are inside of the Tiki Room, you can find a seat on one of the many cushioned bench seats. The building is set up basically like a plus sign. In all four points, the benches are all lined up and face the center of the room. There is a fountain in the center of the room.

Any seat in here has virtually the same view. Through most of the show, you are looking up. Except for the fountain and the totem poles that are around the room. But they are still visible from any seat.

The Tiki Room has four bird hosts. They are Macaws. Their names are Jose, Pierre, Michael, and Fritz. They are each from different places on earth. During the musical show, you will hear the birds sing, flowers croon, and tiki’s chant. It is amazing how entertaining and popular this show is after all these years!

A photo of Walt Disney inside of the Tiki Room.
A photo of Walt Disney inside of the Tiki Room.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room was originally designed to be a sit-down restaurant with the birds serenading everyone who dined here. That is why there are restrooms just before you enter the main show. The fountain in the center of the room was originally going to be a coffee station. There is still storage space underneath it.

Another secret that you may not know is that the Tiki Room shares the same building as the Jolly Holiday Bakery and Aladdin’s Oasis (which used to be Tahitian Terrace.) With all the theming and the design of each area, you probably didn’t even realize that it is all one building.

The Tiki room show has over 150 birds, flowers, tiki drummers, and totem poles that sing during the show. That is a lot of audio-animatronics!

In Conclusion

I hope that you will get a chance to check out this show for the first time or hundredth time. It is a wonderful show that has lasted since 1963. Plus, sitting, resting those feet in an air-conditioned building is a plus anytime at Disneyland.

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